Maya Universe Academy is a social entrepreneurship project providing access to quality education in rural Nepal. It is the first chain of free private schools where parents of students enrolled, can pay in time instead of money. The time is spent on the school’s own agriculture farms, animal farms and handicraft production.

The volunteer-based schools aim to become self sustainable through its own activities such as agriculture, animal products and handicrafts.


Maya Universe Academy was established in 2011 from a small tent in the hills of Tanahun District with 15 students. Now employing over 40 local staff and educating over 450 students in three locations, the school is expanding into its own social businesses.

How can you support?

Volunteer: Volunteering at Maya Universe Academy is a truly exceptional experience! One gets to experience genuine rural life and culture in Nepal, interact with students and their families and be part of an innovative education solution. Helping out Maya can take on all kinds of roles in education, construction, agriculture and management. We like to choose roles for volunteers by matching their interests, experiences, and desires with the school’s needs and resources at the time of volunteering.

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Sponsor A Child : 24 children from Gorkha District were selected by the district committee in April 2016, one year following the devastating earthquake that shook the country. We are seeking sponsors to help cover the expenses of food, accommodation, clothing, stationary, and other expenses related to their education, security and well-being.


We hope that you will continue to follow this blog with frequent updates from staff, volunteers and students!


Big love to all our readers:)

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