Theater class at Maya!

Written by Guillermo 

Great theater is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.” – William Dafoe

We were having a shower at the tap, in the middle of the Tanahu jungle, very far away from the frenetic Hollywood. We were talking about what we wanted to do in the future. Yaman, a sixth grade student said: “I want to be an American actor”. There was born the idea of having drama classes.

A few  weeks later we started the theater class. A space to feel, to express our emotions with freedom and without shields.

The main purpose of the theater class is to learn empathy, focus on how others feel and learn about ourselves and our feelings.

No, no. The main purpose of the theater class is to forget about our shyness and to open our imagination through improvisation.

Wait, the main purpose of this was to have fun.

We do exercises and games in which we have fun using our imagination, expressing feelings with our body language, forgetting who and where we are, creating new realities in which everything is possible.

One day we started one exercise: One thousand dreams. We made a circle around the stage where everybody could improvise different kinds of dreams. Our imagination started to pop like pop corn and suddenly we had amazing performances of people snoring like beasts, peeing in their bed, dreaming about being naked, dreaming about being a singstar who farts in the middle of a concert… It was impressive how all these ideas came out and how everybody was willing to add something. We continued with this exercise changing the topic: one thousand ways of dying, one thousand professions, one thousand reasons to be sad … It is our favorite.

The result is that we have a drama group. And two nights a week there is a light in the middle on the Tanahu jungle, very far away from the frenetic Hollywood.

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