Physiotherapy at Maya

Written by Bernice Ghelever
Since the beginning of September I am volunteering at Maya. When I applied to volunteer here, I said that I would love to do something with physiotherapy because this is my profession.
With the help of a physiotherapist you can  speed up the recovery process after an injury and it can be used to prevent other/new injuries.
When I arrived there was a list ready from kids who had injuries and the next day I started to screen all of them. I got a lot of help from Roshani, one of the girls who is in the Nursing Team. She helped me translating for the younger kids during the screening.
Most of the injuries happen while playing football or falling down whilst running: twisted ankles, pain in elbows, wrists and fingers. There are also a few kids who are suffering from back pain and a kid with asthma who has the dream to be able to play football on the big field.
Every morning I see some of the kids to practice with them and for the kids with back pain we set up a small group to do exercises and I give them information to solve the problems and help preventing more back pain.
The idea is to provide a few workshops for the Nursing Team so that they can keep giving exercises to the kids once I have left. Another project is to give the Construction Team a workshop and provide them with information how to prevent injuries and teach them the proper ways how to lift heavy objects etc.
I am really happy that I can be of help as a physiotherapist and that Maya is giving me the opportunity to do so.

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