Nursing workshop at Maya Universe

Written by Jael Orij

I am a nurse from Amsterdam that has been volunteering at Maya from the 1st of July. From this time onward, with my supervision, some Nursing classes have taken place before school time. The junior nursing students have learned basic facts; and the experienced nursing students have studied more advanced topics. The latter help taking care of other students who have wounds or any other treatable medical issue. I taught the younger students basic knowledge about treating wounds – when and how to clean them. We also learned how to dress bandages on the arms, legs, fingers, hands and knees. The older students learned about different medicines that are available in the nursing room and about the female reproductive system.

P1070403Roshany, an 8th grader, has been at Maya for 7 years now. She is the Head Nurse of Maya. Her interests are helping others, dealing with wounds and being sociable. This has always been her passion. When it comes to Nursing, she is interested in learning about wounds, organ structures and pregnancy. In the future, she is undecided on becoming a doctor or a nurse. Her strongest dream is to become an actress. If she becomes famous, she wants to support schools by sponsoring the construction of nursing rooms and nursing tools.

Within the whole Nursing team there are roughly 20 students. The nurses organize themselves by working with a routine schedule. Two nurses work in the morning from 9 to 10, two more work between 10 and 10:30, and another one works during lunch. The Nursing workshops began two years ago when a nurse, Elena, visited for the first time. Since then a few nurses have visited Maya to teach nursing. The medicines and supplies that are needed the most on a daily basis are betadine and cotton (to clean wounds), bandages and plasters, paracetamol (the most important painkiller), and diarrhea medication. More basic medical supplies are still needed as well,and any donations made would be valued greatly.

If you have a medical degree, your help is needed here ! Volunteer at Maya!

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