Back to Pokhari Banjhain, my second home

Written by Jessica Elvins

In 2017, I spent 5 months at Maya’s Aapswora branch. Last week, I was lucky enough to re-visit my second home. Walking into the school I was greeted by smiling faces and warm welcomes, it felt like I’d never left.

During the storms in April, the school unfortunately lost 4 of it’s bamboo classrooms meaning bedrooms and storerooms had to be turned into classrooms. Then, just a few weeks ago, the school lost it’s last bamboo classroom leaving one class being taught outside under a rain shelter. Fortunately, they are currently building a new, temporary classroom for these students and, as long as the rain holds off, it should hopefully be up and running soon.


Before the rainy season, the school was lucky enough to have 2 new, concrete classrooms built. As the school continues to grow, now having 6 classes, these new sustainable classrooms are a welcomed addition. While at the school, I got the chance to paint a few walls of the new classrooms.

Maya 4

After many hours of drawing and painting, I was rewarded with happy smiles from the students who loved their new class. What made them even happier was the little treat I’d brought from home – space hoppers. Each morning I would be greeted by excited pleas for the space hoppers. They would then race up and down, happily bouncing without a care in the world.


Overall, the Aapswora branch is doing well. As always there are difficulties but the teachers are still enthusiastic and, as always, the students are happy playing, learning and growing together.

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