Maya Educational Experience With The US Army

Written by Jonny Delton

As part of their training, three groups of around twelve US Army cadets were due to stay at the school for about a week each. This was done under the Maya Educational Experience program that was tailored to their needs. For example, due to their rules the groups could not be split up so unfortunately homestays were not possible. Instead, the evening activities were changed to accommodate the whole team, such as a village tour, trip to the local town and a meal hosted by one of the teachers.

During the days they were a fantastic help in the construction projects going on. Thanks to their efforts and extremely hard work we completed several large-scale projects.




These included drainage in preparation for the monsoon season, construction of steps and pathways, building temporary classrooms and planting trees for food and income for the school. In short, they helped get so much work done over the three weeks that they were here.

Despite a few challenges (I think the lack of meat was a problem for the first group – after a day there was talk of buying a buffalo to eat!), the cadets enjoyed themselves and we hope they got a lot out of it. To say thank you, on the final day a party and traditional Nepali dance was arranged at the school where they all got up and joined in.


Maya EdEx is the first social enterprise to combine educational experience, immersion into the local culture, and a responsible allocation of resources in order to benefit local communities in rural Nepal.

We offer an immersive experience into Nepali culture, incorporating traditional workshops, meals with local families in rural villages, hikes with views of the Himalayas, and a bonfire party, all in the vicinity of the only free-of-charge private school in Nepal.

To inquire about our programs visit our website

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