Maya Football Cup – First edition !

 Written by Manish Ale – 7th grade student

    My classmates and I were interested in playing football since we were in grade one. We participated in Moran cup organized by St.Xavier’s Godavari in Kathmandu a few years ago. It was also the first time that we traveled so far. We were all very happy. Manjil sir, our principal is an ex-student of St.Xavier’s so the Jesuit father allowed us to stay and eat there for free.  We played football and also visited the zoo, Durbar squares, temples, malls, and gardens. We had a lot of fun. We lost all the three games we played. We received three goals in the first game followed by two in the second one while we only lost by a difference of one in the third. Our biggest problem was that none of us could kick the ball above the ground except Shubham who had to hit all the free kicks, corners, back kicks etc.

12801269_814227495349480_5252257881304719013_nA few years ago, at the Moran cup organized by St.Xavier’s Godavari in Kathmandu

   We returned to our village with the hope to go back with a better team next time. We made a big football ground to practice and introduce the game to others in our school. Many different volunteers helped us learn the sport. We wanted to play in a tournament but we didn’t find any for our age. Then my friends and I decided to organize a tournament in our ground.


   Our coach, Louk Boucher from the Netherlands helped us organizing it. He also bought us football shoes and other gear. Then we talked to our principal, Manjil Rana about the football tournament and he said, “Yes, it’s a good idea.” He supported us. Then we made a committee of six people : Anil, Louk, Sanjen Guru, Clara miss, Sudip and I. We visited various private and public schools to invite them for the tournament. 14 teams agreed to participate while others declined due to reasons related to the lack of time.



  We neither had enough benches to sit on nor did we have enough food for the players. There were many other problems related to the age of the players. Though the tournament was for students under 15, many schools brought older players. We fielded two teams. Our A team started strong beating Ghansi International school 5-1. However only our B team made it to the semi finals where they lost to Bahrai School. We handed out medals, cup, and the prize money. We had raised Rs 3500 per school for registration so we gave Rs 20,000 to the winners, Rs 15,000 to the runner up and the second runner up got Rs 10,000.


  It was very interesting to host this tournament. Many more schools want to participate next year. The local newspapers covered it while the policemen provided security. We will try to do better next year.

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