Students enthusiastic about Volleyball

Written by Alessandro Masciadri
Photos by Daniella Araujo

Since the beginning of November a new sport is entertaining Maya Universe Academy’s kids during the afternoon activities. After three weeks of construction, a volleyball court has been set and it is ready to welcome students from 5th, 6th and 7th grade. It is now possible for boys and girls to alternate football and volleyball classes at the end of school days.

Volleyball students

The kids have been showing lot of enthusiasm towards volleyball, which has been recently announced as new national sport in Nepal. On the 23rd of May 2017 the Nepali government declared volleyball as national sport. One of the reasons behind this decision is that a volleyball court does not require much space and it can be set up in many places in the country. As proof of this, many Maya kids already played this game back in their home-village. Especially the boys have already a good idea of volleyball system and how to set up a volleyball rally. On the other side, girls are showing more and deeper dedication to learn the technique behind the main movements that are involved in a volleyball game.

Despite volleyball being a sport that involves high quality physical skills as good coordination, high speed, good timing and quick reactions, sometimes younger and smaller kids are also taking part to the practices. It is motivating to see how passionate and dedicated some of the students are; they are willing to play also after practice time or during days off.

Volleyball students

All in all, both boys and girls are enjoying this new possibility and having fun playing together.

Maya’s offer of extra curriculum activities is thus now a bit wider, adding up volleyball to the already existing karate, football, table tennis, cricket, performing arts and foreign language classes.

Good education and growing process are not only the result of hours spent on books, but also developing new interests and learning discipline, social behaviour and team cooperation through actual experience. At Maya this concept is clear and well established!

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