WELCOME TO MAYA FAMILY | A Volunteer Experience

by Vanessa Neufang, Germany

I want to share my Maya-Experience with you! I spent a wonderful time at South Tanahun in Maya Universe Academy’s Aapswora School from April till August 2017.

The first welcoming words I will never forget: ‘WELCOME TO MAYA FAMILY!’

Maya Volunteer Experience

These words describe exactly what MUA (Maya Universe Academy) stands for! For me it’s learning from each other in a way of cultural exchange and education in English language.

Maya Volunteer Experience

It’s a community life where you are a part of the daily Nepali village and school life. I learned how to prepare and cook the national food of Nepal -‘Dal Bhat‘, I learned how to make a fire and how to carry drinking water up the hill with a ‘Gagri‘ (jug) and ‘Doko‘ (basket). I started each day of teaching with an open air shower, with a fantastic view of the Himalayas!

Maya Volunteer Experience

All these facts, the people and the nature were making my time there an unforgettable one! It was an enrichment for me to teach the children various subjects including Science and Social studies. It was a great opportunity to create a fun class environment and help them with homework.


Sometimes the kids had so much fun at school that they won’t go home!

Maya Volunteer Experience

Since my background is in Nursing, I started a first aid course for the elder kids. My aim is it to stay in touch and to continue to support Maya, especially regarding Medical-Care for students and their communities.

Maya Volunteer Experience

I’m looking forward for getting connected to other Mayans and for my next trip to the hills!

Watch more about Volunteering at Maya

To volunteer with Maya Universe Academy Apply Here! 





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