Maya School Bus

It all started as I was departing from Maya Universe Academy in December 2016, when I asked Manjil what I could do for Maya from the Netherlands. “We really need a school bus”, Manjil said firmly.

As Maya’s main school was trying to expand and reach out to more children, the distance from their homes to the school became a limiting factor. With a school bus Maya would be able to accommodate more students without opening new schools. It proved rather difficult to get across the necessity of a school bus to people back home. Though they had never been to Maya, a lot of people seemed to know more useful ways to spend the €28,000, required for the purchase of the new bus.

Perhaps hardheaded, and possibly a tad naïve, I persisted that I would raise the necessary funds and Maya would have a school bus within no time. Coen Ramaer pledged to help me in this journey, but I suspect it was more out of loyalty towards me than faith in the successful completion of the project.

Being a true Mayan, Rikke van der Veen, though reluctant about this particular project at first, joined the team as well and that was the start of the foundation Maya Universe Academy Netherlands.

With an ever-increasing team size and amazing support from our Dutch community, we reached our goal in June 2017 and have already started new projects.

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate around a common purpose, anything is possible.”  

Stay connected!

Bas de Nijs, Netherlands
Founder of Maya Universe Academy Netherlands


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