Physiotherapy at Maya

Written by Bernice Ghelever Since the beginning of September I am volunteering at Maya. When I applied to volunteer here, I said that I would love to do something with physiotherapy because this is my profession. With the help of a physiotherapist you can  speed up the recovery process after an injury and it can be... Continue Reading →


Maya’s antibiotic-free chickens raised with love

Written by Shoval Eidan Read the hebrew version below - מאמר בעברית My name is Shoval. I have been volunteering at Maya since the 3rd of August. A week after I arrived, I have been offered to take care of 100 chickens for 45 day, in an experimental program. The aim was to raise chickens... Continue Reading →

Nursing workshop at Maya Universe

Written by Jael Orij I am a nurse from Amsterdam that has been volunteering at Maya from the 1st of July. From this time onward, with my supervision, some Nursing classes have taken place before school time. The junior nursing students have learned basic facts; and the experienced nursing students have studied more advanced topics.... Continue Reading →

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